Active Ladders and Cups:  
Clanbase: UT2004 iTDM Fall Cup
  UT2004 iCTF Fall Cup
  UT2004 iTDM 4v4
  UT2004 iTDM 2v2
  UT2004 iCTF 5v5
  UT2004 iCTF 3v3
  UT2004 iCTF 2v2

Former Ladders and Cups:  
2vs2 iCTF w00tabolous UT2004 Cup Cuppage
  UT2k3 iTDM 4v4
  UT2k3 iTDM 2v2
UT2k3 iTDM Spring Cup 2004 Matches  Cuppage
UT2k3 iTDM Fall Cup 2003 Matches  Cuppage
UT2k3 iTDM Spring Cup 2003 Matches  Cuppage
  UT CTF Instagib
UT iCTF Spring Cup 2003 Matches  Cuppage
UK UT CTF Instagib Cup 2002 Matches  Cuppage
Quake2 DM Instagib Cup Fall 2001 Matches  Cuppage