New cup season by Twiyah 
In September, the new Clanbase Cup season started. W&C is participating in UT2004 iTDM, second division here, and in iCTF, second division too, unluckily, for we are fairly new to iCTF still. But hey, never give up!

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Two members resign by Twiyah 
Some days ago Balou and MKzorro came to me and told me that they would like leave the clan again, because they want to play for fun only in the next times.

I know, especially Balou tried hard during the cup, and Mkzorro is now running a hosted cup on CB. So I wish you both good luck on your way on and have fun. See you around. Full Story

Another long time has passed by Twiyah 
A short catch up with the last half year, the recent Clanbase Cup, members who came and went, the end of an era and the beginning of a new one. Full Story

New Member by Twiyah 
Another new member joined. Spykiller, Salas brother, is a long time idler in our channel and quite often joined in on the server. Welcome to the clan Spykiller, and Sala again too. Full Story

New news after a long break by Twiyah 
Long time no news. Though lots of things have been going on. The end of UT1, the fall cup, member changes and more. Full Story